Be the Change to See the Change


- How Can You Help?

Kusum Foundation has worked towards the upliftment of youths in village Katesar and in nearby rural areas and has achieved significant milestone by providing skill training to more than 5000 people. We continue our humble mission to cross with many such landmarks. And, to do so, we seek your help and support.

We welcome volunteers, who believe they can be the change to bring out change in the society. People from any class of the society, if they think they can touch lives and has the requisite ability to transform the lives of rural youth, they are most welcome to contact us. We welcome hardworking and goal-oriented volunteers to join our NGO - Kusum Foundation and partake and assist in spreading the benefits of skill development.


It is their time, experience, knowledge which can help Kusum Foundation in achieving goals effectively and efficiently. Donating time is the greatest gift one can give.

As of now generally Foundation runs entire projects and programs on nearly self-funded basis except some one time contributions made by few individual supporters/friends and a few corporate houses. In order to continue our project more effectively into the next decade it is desired that foundation should become self-sustainable. Since we only charge nominal fee for running of the generator thus the Foundation seek your help and support both in terms of time and monetary contributions.

In case you want to work as a volunteer or want to extend your support in any way, please do write us at


We Value Your Support -

Your donation is valuable - no amount of donation is small. At Kusum Foundation, we utilize any amount donated by you, to provide better infrastructure and facilities to the trainees. Even a small contribution of Rs,100 is equally important for us and we use your donated amount for the purpose and objective it has been donated. The record of donations is kept for inspection and audit. Every year the yearly accounts are audited by an external and well established Chartered Accountant firm.

The donation can be on one-time basis or it may be staggered on a monthly basis as deemed appropriate a convenient, you can always do so. However, it is not obligatory and anytime in the future, if you want to discontinue your monthly donation, you are free to do so.

Your sustained support and regular donations would help us better formulate our strategies and execution. We would be able to implement our projects and programs with utmost efficiency and more effectively.

We would also publish our yearly updates explaining the milestones during the year on the website which would provide you an insight of the work done by the foundation over a period of one year.

Most importantly, any amount that you donate to Kusum Foundation will be eligible to be exempted from the tax under section ’80 G’ of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Having made the donation to Kusum Foundation, you can get the tax certificate whenever you demand from the administration of the foundation.

We completely understand that any personal information pertinent to your bank or credit card is valuable and so we assure you of complete data security.

Click here to access our Annual Report 2016.

For any further query related to donation, please do write us at