Our Work


The Journey of thousand miles begins with one step and if that step is right, it becomes the last step - Laozi

Years back, a decade ago, Kusum Foundation commenced imparting vocational training to both boys and girls in and around village Katesar, with only 2 computers and 9 manual sewing machines. Our continuous endeavor underpinned with quality, content of the training and commitment helped foundation in growing steadily and gradually in its humble pursuit of providing skill to the underprivileged populace around 20 kilometer of the ground zero-village Katesar. With the elapse of time and increasing demand the foundation with state of art 30 computers, 4 embroidery machines and 25 sewing machines including 7 auto-electric operated ones, the foundation have been able to train over 5000 people-  girls and boys from rural yolk over a period of ten years.


The foundation has technically trained teachers who impart training in computers and other activities such as sewing and embroidery. Moreover, we feel proud to see that some of the youths, who were trained at Kusum Foundation, are presently working as teachers and trainers at our center.

With our continual endeavor to improve the foundation have been able to train youths in diverse areas such as embroidery, cutting, sewing and mobile repairing, painting, doll making apart from imparting computer skills. Going forward, we further aim to train youths in other areas such as making Madhubani paintings, earthen pots and toys & dolls - all aiding in getting them sustainable self-dependence including fetching them suitable job. Many students trained in computer skills have found jobs in the services as well as in government and private sectors.

In addition, foundation plans to impart computer education to teachers working in Government schools, farmers and elderly populace.

Our Work before launch of Kusum Foundation

Sound albeit minimum infrastructure is imperative for creating impact of education on youths particularly from rural areas. Keeping this in mind, in our early days, we initiated to construct a 600 sq. ft. room in the Government School Building in villa Katesar and later in the year 2004, with our consistent constant, committed effort, village Katesar was connected with the power supply - a great feat for the village almost after 57 years of independence. The electrification the village not only helped youths but whole village in changing the lives of the people in its entirety.

Years back considering the skill gap particularly computer related we felt compelling requirement for setting up a vocational training center in Katesar which was started on a self-funding basis in a rental accommodation which still continues. Apart from the wide gap in computer skills vis-a-vis other parts of the country it was clearly observed that youths (both girls & boys) had a fervent desire to learn and get self-dependent, but due to lack of basic amenities and proper infrastructure it was just not possible.

In addition to this, we also arranged for sewing machines and embroidery machines in nearby villages i.e. Mothan, Gaura, Narharpur. It has encouraged youths, especially women, in learning new skills and earning their livelihood with utmost pride and self-respect.

At present, Kusum Foundation charge nominal fees from students as it helps us in running generators, which provide uninterrupted power to computers and motor-run sewing & embroidery machines. However, we wave off the fees, if students are not able to pay them.

Prior to initiating knowledge Centre providing vocational training to youths, we also created awareness of health care and environment. Dr. Anand played an instrumental role in organizing Heart Camps in association with Escorts Hospitals, for over 12 years at Chapra. Other than this, we also focus on activities such as tree plantation (distributed over 100 saplings in the villages nearby Katesar) and distributed few artificial limbs to the needy independently and or in partnership with Bharat Vikash Parishad.

Kusum Foundation is mainly founded and promoted by Dr. Anand Kumar and since its inception Shri Ram Raghubir Prasad Sinha, Chief Trustee and Professor Ram Ashray Prasad Sinha, Trustee are having an oversight of the management of the foundation. Dr Binod Kumar assists, manages and monitors its operations both virtually and in person. We would also like to offer our sincere gratitude to Mr. P K Singh, who supported in getting opened a branch of a public sector commercial bank, adjacent to Kusum Foundation in village Katesar, Chapra, in Saran district, Bihar. Recently setting up of Sudha Diary (which opening and supervision was managed by Dr Binod Kumar) have completely transformed the social milieu - Bank, Foundation and Sudha Dairy Booth collecting milk from farmers have completely transformed the social milieu and thought process triggering beginning of reverse movement to Katesar and nearby villages.

With your constant and valuable support, Kusum Foundation aims to perform similar development and upliftment activities in other rural areas of Bihar, other parts of India and globally which would be imperative for the socio-economic development and rebalancing of the societal fabric. The objective of the foundation augurs well also with Skill India Mission of Government of India.

Ongoing Work in Addition to Imparting Vocational Training

Besides, imparting vocational training to rural youths aiming to make them self-dependent, Kusum Foundation also endeavours to be associated with the following activities, which is pertinent to the overall development of the people in rural areas.

  • Organize camps and training sessions for farmers, which supports them in learning about weather conditions, crops and its pricing methods and the market condition.

Kusum Foundation with a small-library enables people in having easy access to Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines and also Books for children.

It has a Television, a Telephone and a Camera, which is pertinent in keeping people connected with the outside world.

  • Rural areas lack hospitals and Doctors Kusum Foundation organizes Doctor’s visit on a date prefixed, which patients can undergo basic diagnostic treatment at a nominal fee or no fee in some cases.
  • At Kusum Foundation, we have also arranged for short-term English Speaking courses, which significantly supports youths in getting familiar in the English language. It makes them confident and helps them in shaping a better career.